Dog Walking

Building a Bond

Dog training is not just about obedience, it is about building a bond between you and your four legged best friend.  Here at Ivy League K9s we will help you communicate with your dog  while also teaching them valuable life skills. By only using positive, force free methods we will build a loving and trusting relationship between you and your K9 friend.

Puppy Life


Phone Consultations

Me and my girlfriend Heather adopted 2 dogs, brother and sister Rottweiler/German Shepherd mixes. We were inexperienced dog handlers and we were completely overwhelmed with our new family members when we got them home. We didn’t know the proper training techniques to get them to be civilized. We called Gabriella and through texts and many phone calls she was able to guide us through the maze that is being a puppy owner. From potty training, walking on leash, chewing, bedtime and everything else that comes with owning a dog she was able to give us helpful training techniques to implement. Gabriella was not pushy or opinionated. She simply gave us advice to try and was there for us at all hours for any questions we had along the way. Our dogs are 9 months now. They sleep through the night in a crate, are potty trained, usually only chew their chew toys, and are well mannered dogs. Thank you Gabriella!             -Chris N.


Bonnie & Clyde

We have an English Bulldog. They have great personalities and are lovable, however, some can be very difficult to train and are neurotic. Unfortunately our dog has both of those traits. We were having difficulty training him and it started to be a struggle of the power of the wills.
We had Gabriella help us. She is so patient and loving towards our dog. She establish the foundation of his training, helped us break some of his bad habits , plus gave us ideas and tools on how to continue the corrected behaviors.
Several years passed and we added a cat to our family. We called on Gabriella to train our dog not to chase the cat. By the second day they were coexisting in the same room. As you can see Otis our dog and Hazel our cat are sleeping in the same room.
Thank you Gabriella!! We can tell you have a great passion for what you do. Anytime we need an animal trainer we will call you.              - Donna S.

Otis & Hazel